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In the world of Fashion and Entertainment typically, the physical image and the maintenance of the individual is of the utmost importance. For all intense purposes, it should because image is everything. Because the industry is fast paced, the Financial Image of talent is usually left unchecked. We’ve seen the wealth of viral Starlets to Legendary Entertainers fail on the Financial Red Carpet because their financial image went unchecked. 

Do you have a plan?

Most actors work side jobs to pay the rent, and the majority of those jobs do not provide medical benefits or any kind of retirement account. How many times have you had to worry about getting that shift at the restaurant covered because your agent just called and said you had an audition? As exciting as that audition may be, you are compromising your income by not showing up for work. What about the constant need for headshots, reels, acting classes, voice lessons, audition clothes—none of which are contributing to your effort to become successful financially... 

That can change! Let us empower you with the knowledge of: How Money Works.​​

How Money Works - 

You are invited to take a personal HowMoneyWorks Master Essentials Class with us. 
Consider it a crash course in financial literacy and your first step towards financial independence! 
We'll cover topics like: 
■ Why financial literacy matters 
■ Maximizing the power of compound interest 
■ How the Rule of 72 clues you in on growing your money 
■ The Time Value of Money
■ The 7 Money Milestones

How Money Works Essentials Class Attendee Request

We will notify you of our next scheduled workshop or an option to schedule a personal class.

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